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Use case: Bluetooth in mHealth

The great potential of using the mobile phone as a vital link in gathering vital health information is that everyone already has one.

The problem is that everyone’s phone is different.
There are thousands of models and they all behave differently.

We solve that problem so that you can reach the potential.

In short, Mobile Distillery can help you implement your mHealth solution by:
  • Ensuring Bluetooth compatibility over the widest range of mobile devices for your mobile app
  • Supplying a dynamically updated list of compatible devices
  • Automatically porting your mobile app to all new compatible devices
  • Ensuring a secure data link technology between mobile phones and servers
 Let's show that through a recent use case: our collaboration with a corporate customer:

Our customer has developed a great diabetes mHealth project.
Among other things, their system collects blood sugar readings 
from a glucose meter and wirelessly transmits  them to a secure web site.
The project reaches a broad range of cell phones in order
to be available for a maximum number of users.
Our customer chose to partner with
Mobile Distillery in order to ensure
maximum compatibility
with mass market
Our customer's system
includes a mobile app
communicating via Bluetooth
with a Glucometer. The challenge for them was
 to develop this mobile app for a broad range
of Bluetooth enabled devices. As Bluetooth is notorious for
being irregularly implemented across different mobile platforms,
Mobile Distillery and our customer worked together to modify the
Bluetooth implementation in the glucometer to ensure the widest possible range
  of compatible  phones and test the result over the targeted phones.  After adapting
 the application on Celsius (Mobile Distillery’s development framework) our customer
reached over 50 models.  This ongoing collaboration includes developing the security channels using SIM or other  
secure elements.  
 You have a mHealth project involving the use of common cell phones? (BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, Java, Windows Mobile).
 We'd be happy to help, let's talk!

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