“Mobile Distillery, with its Celsius Framework, has enabled mobile commerce platform companies like us supersede our delivery expectations. Alembic helps us focus our energies on the specific devices that we are targeting and enables us to maximize our user base and market penetration within a particular segment of the community. We look forward to a long and fruitful association with Celsius.” Seemant Shankar, Founder, WaveSpree Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
“As a mobile business applications developer, using Celsius is a key to the success of our business model. It helps us reduce time to market and the overall cost of developing mobile business applications.” M-A. Camhi, R&D Project manager at Atos Worldline
“Celsius was very simple for our teams to learn and it offers excellent workflow integration. This helps us to efficiently plan the deployment of our content.” O. Dupouy, Developer Lexis Numerique Mobile
“Thanks to Celsius, in one single month, we were able to address the European and the American markets with our Personal Shopping Assistant flagship! After only two days of training, we’ve managed to develop, port and test our business mobile application to Java and Brew handsets! That's performance that none of the other porting solutions of the market could provide. By using Celsius as part of our development process, we optimized the whole production cycle of our mobile application allowing us to answer the critical time to market challenge!” F. Silvain, CEO StoreXperience
“Using Celsius significantly reduces time for developing and porting as well as simplifying resource management. Its fast time to market process is a perfect way to deliver mobile applications.” D. Arnaud, Project Manager at DataArt
“Thanks to Celsius' mass porting solution, we are now able to develop and port to businesses and consumer mobile applications across hundreds of handsets, instead of  just dozens as we did before.” C. Noublanche, CEO, Prylos
“Developing with the Celsius platform helps us bring mobile marketing applications to market quickly and efficiently, running across hundreds of mobiles immediately with unique graphical effects and connectivity. This has a huge effect on reducing cost and porting times.” F. Tavernier, CEO of CubeX Agency
“For a long time now the hardware and software segments of the mobile devices sector have been very fragmented. So, with the constant increase of market demands, we use Celsius as the solution that complements the requirements of our clients.” A. Petrik, Head of Programming, Nikitova Mobile
"Celsius v5 has enabled us to maximize market share while decreasing time and cost of porting and development of our innovative mobile phone service. Friendly and experienced Mobile Distillery staff have helped us to navigate through the ever more complex mobile world. They’ve given us a great amount of additional information and services ranging from optimization to ability to work within a single source code over the maximum number of mobile phone devices." Asim Bucuk, Founder of Bondaii
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Your iPhone App on other phones

  Find out how many phones could run your iPhone App
  We convert your iPhone App onto our X-Platform Dev System
  We provide tested versions for each phone model
  We train you so you can continue your development path
  You manage one source code for all current and future phones (including iPhone)
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advanced device database
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cross-platform mobile app development

  Native Apps on iPhone & Android from a SINGLE SOURCE code
  BlackBerry, Java ME, Windows Mobile, Brew from a SINGLE SOURCE code
  Bluetooth, Snapshot (Camera), NFC, Geolocalization & Secure Elements over different platforms
  Parametric development optimizes functionality for each target phone
  Rapid Application Development module: drag & drop multiple screen resolution creation
  Read Celsius on-line technical documentation
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