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Reaching the mobile phones in your customers' hands

Mobile phones are like the people who use them: they are all different!

That is great news for individual choice, but it was bad news if you want to reach a large population with a mobile app, until now.
Develop once for a whole range of mobile phones

Adapt features and performance to each phone's capabilities

Native Look & Feel on each type of phone

Start from your iPhone App and reach other phones

Create best user experience

Reach deep hardware features (Bluetooth, camera, video, NFC, LBS...)

Mobile Distillery provides market analysis, consulting, cross platform development and porting solutions and QA testing for companies going mobile.  We address the challenges of
device fragmentation, multiple operating systems, networks and technical standards.  Easily manage device complexity, Bluetooth, HTTPS, Security, SIM, LBS, NFC on iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Java ME, BREW, and Windows Mobile.

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Your iPhone App on other phones

  Find out how many phones could run your iPhone App
  We convert your iPhone App onto our X-Platform Dev System
  We provide tested versions for each phone model
  We train you so you can continue your development path
  You manage one source code for all current and future phones (including iPhone)
  Start Now!

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advanced device database
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cross-platform mobile app development

  Native Apps on iPhone & Android from a SINGLE SOURCE code
  BlackBerry, Java ME, Windows Mobile, Brew from a SINGLE SOURCE code
  Bluetooth, Snapshot (Camera), NFC, Geolocalization & Secure Elements over different platforms
  Parametric development optimizes functionality for each target phone
  Rapid Application Development module: drag & drop multiple screen resolution creation
  Read Celsius on-line technical documentation
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  Read Celsius V6 announcement Press Release

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