Parametric development

Celsius is a mobile development framework that allows multiple target development.
It means that with Celsius, you can reach multiple platforms and devices with a single source code.
How is it possible to use only one source code without leveling down your application?
You can do that within Celsius framework, using a development concept called "parametric development".

Parametric development means linking the features of your app to devices characteristics.
You don't need to focus on devices brands, models or OSes anymore, you just need to know the behavior your app should have if a device has such and such characteristics.
For a developer, the job of linking an app's features to devices characteristics is called "profiling"

Now let's get down to it:

on the one hand,  an application is a set of features, layout,screens, data and core business stuffs.
On the other hand, a device is a set of characteristics: from screen size to memory, going through hardware features support, technical or less technical parameters.
A device characteristics also means its behavior: this is is how a device behaves when it receives a SMS or displays a web page from an app, it is also how it can detect if a new version or your app is
available, or how fast it can decode encrypted data.
Using parametric profiling, you just have to say what your app should do depending on the devices characteristics.

If you develop an app for a phone that has a small screen, you need to include small graphics, right?
The same goes for heap memory, sound support and SMS support. You always need to adapt your code and your resources to each phones.
As you know, the combination of characteristics is different for each phone, that is when it starts to be complicated.
Indeed, what if you have a phone with a medium screen, but poor sound support? or the other way around, adding push SMS problems?
Parametric development helps you solve that complexity by simply linking your app's behavior with each characteristics separately.
Once this is done, Celsius (our development platform) produces tailored apps for each phone you target following your rules.
It will handle whatever combination of characteristics for each phone, and deliver versions of your app that will fit every phone perfectly.
Does this sound too fast and easy?
Ok, here's the explanation:  at Mobile Distillery, we already benchmarked the phones you target, we do it everyday (want to check?
Please visit our device database:
Then, Celsius (our development framework) uses all this data to match your profiling
The developer just needs to use the characteristics available in Celsius and profile his app using these characteristics.
Here is a list of examples of what he can do:

  • He can set a different screen layout for big screens,
  • He can create a new one for "larger than higher" screens,
  • He can create a specific navigation for "trackball capable" device
  • He can cut-off splash animation on devices that have low memory but big screen
  • He can activate "SMS to a friend" feature on devices that can send a SMS from the app
  • he can use https communication on the device which supports it and http + encryption on those which don't.
These were only examples of how parametric development works and how Celsius helps developers work on multi devices developments.
Profiling provides better and results than other methods.
Mobile Distillery provides the method (profiling) and the tool (Celsius) to get the most of each phones.

BTW,  why not try Celsius now?

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