Mobile Distillery has partnered with Mobile Complete to integrate DeviceAnywhere services directly from within Celsius for remote testing and certification of mobile applications. Developers using Celsius benefit from a unique integrated workflow enabling access to multiple carrier networks from the convenience of their own desktops directly in the Celsius interface.
“We are pleased to continue expanding the DeviceAnywhere Connect program with mobile technology enablers such as Mobile Distillery that complement and extend the DeviceAnywhere mission to improve mobile application development.” Faraz Syed, CEO and co-founder of DeviceAnywhere.
Celsius users benefit from 5 free hours of remote QA testing from the DeviceAnywhere service

The NAVTEQ Network for Developers™ is a dynamic online web community that provides developers and business partners with the technical and business support needed to build, showcase and launch the most innovative location-enabled solutions. Members gain access to sample NAVTEQ® map data, exclusive NAVTEQ analysis and proprietary research, and industry-leading geospatial platforms and tools from NAVTEQ partners. The NAVTEQ Network for Developers also provides powerful business development resources and technical services to accelerate application development such as developer forums, FAQs, and technical support. Connect with the people, tools and resources you need by visiting http://developer.navteq.com 


"The combined Alembic and Celsius solution from Mobile Distillery not only provides a technical insight into what features and performances are available on thousands of handsets but also allows developers to produce multiple versions of their applications in just a few clicks, making sure they will always take advantage of each handset at its best by employing both handset-unique and standard mobile technologies. The traditionally prohibitive barrier of porting costs and effort is largely removed,” says Marc Naddell, Vice President, Partner and Developer Programs and NAVTEQ.

As co-founder of the PACA Mobile Center, the biggest European pooled mobile phone center, Mobile Distillery offers its customers special access to the Center’s database of more than 1000 handsets and to its quality phone knowledge base.
This allows developers and device manufacturers to significantly reduce their costs and development cycle.
NetBeans is a free, open-source Integrated Development Environment for software developers.   Clients get all the tools they need to create professional desktop, enterprise, web, and mobile applications with the Java language, C/C++, and Ruby. NetBeans IDE is easy to install and use straight out of the box and runs on many platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Solaris.
With Celsius, you experience Hassle Free Mobile Development & Porting Directly from within NetBeans IDE!
Celsius integrates seamlessly with Innaworks’ alcheMo Java to Brew  transcoding solution.   AlcheMo gives mobile developers a unique Java to Brew production toolset which allows them to automatically port their Java ME applications to compatible Brew devices.   Now Java developers don’t need to be Brew experts to reach the US market – with Celsius and this unique Brew bridge all it takes is just a few clicks. "Today alcheMo automates Java to BREW porting for many of the top mobile game and application publishers. The tight integration with Celsius provides our customers with the opportunity to unify their Java and BREW production and post-production pipelines, and greatly reduces the time and cost of porting to hundreds of Java and BREW handsets.” Stephen Cheng, CEO of Innaworks.
Mobile Distillery has teamed up with Mappy,  a key European player in location-based services (LBS) solutions , to help Java ME developers bring LBS services to the mobile market.    The partnership will see the development of a specific Application Programming Interface (API) for creation of mobile LBS applications using Celsius – cutting production costs and reducing time to market.“We knew the challenges of entering the mobile application environment, specifically around location based feature integration. It made sense for us to partner with a company that was already one step ahead when it comes to creating and porting mobile applications. Mobile Distillery were the first people we spoke to because of the power of their Celsius platform and their vision of the mobile application development market.” Raphael Goumain, Mappy’s Head of B2B Marketing and Partnerships unit.
Mobile Distillery’s partnership with Inside Contactless aims to design a software solution for the development of portable near-field communication (NFC)/Java Mobile applications.  Based on Celsius, the solution will help mobile software developers cope with the wide variation of NFC technologies by allowing a single NFC/Java ME application to port across multiple NFC-capable handsets. Celsius will help developers easily embrace the promising market of NFC based mobile content and services.
Gemalto and Mobile Distillery teamed up to solve the issue of porting high quality, high resolution “next gen” mobile applications developed for Gemalto’s Full Multimedia SIM High Capacity Memory card. Thanks to the Celsius UnLimitedJARsize® architecture, which allows large files to be ported easily,  “next gen” applications become effortlessly available across hundreds of handsets.
Wavefront is the exclusive West Coast training facility of Mobile Distillery.  Wavefront is a commercialization centre supporting the growth of more than 1000 wireless and new media developers in British Columbia "The Mobile Distillery partnership reduces mobile application production costs and time and makes training more accessible to B.C.’s emerging wireless development companies. Access to mobile industry best practices and new development tools is essential to companies innovating new applications, and Wavefront has made training partnerships like this one with Mobile Distillery a major element in its commercialization strategy.”James Maynard, President of Wavefront.
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