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NFC and Mobile Apps in Healthcare

  Care providers need to optimize costs

  Care givers need to spend time with patients, not with paperwork

  NFC technology and Mobile Apps can give the best of both worlds

Care providers, whether they are within health institutions or delivering healthcare at patients' homes, need to optimize the cost of quality care. Real-time reporting is needed, but should not distract from the main task of patient care.

NFC technology allows individual acts to be reported with the wave of a mobile phone near a low cost tag.
  • Room / bed / medication identified by low-cost tag
  • Time / place / care giver identified by mobile phone
  • Quick fill, multiple choice forms in option for additional information
  • Real-time secure transfer to central servers
  • Real-time feedback for care personnel

NFC availability

Mobile Phones integrating NFC technology are just becoming available, many more models are expecting in the near future, but alternatives such as active NFC stickers allow existing mobile phones to have NFC functionality. (see a video here)

How can we help you?

Mobile Distillery has experience with healthcare applications and with NFC technology. We can help you.
  • Build proof-of-concept from you process ideas
  • Design and develop your application
  • Integrate validated usability
  • Deploy across a range of available phones (Celsius cross-platform development)
  • Test and validate your application on each target phone
  • Integrate with you backend data system
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