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Go Mobile with Celsius V6

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Mobile Distillery helps businesses ‘go mobile’ with Celsius V6


new features address the needs of corporations wanting to develop a ‘go mobile’ strategy


25 February 2010 – Mobile Distillery (, a leading provider of mobile application development technology has announced the latest version of its flagship product Celsius V6. This is aimed at meeting the needs of large corporations who want to reach their customers or employees through mobile phones.


The latest version includes automatic porting to native code for the user interface on iPhone and Android in addition to existing target platforms (BlackBerry, Java ME, Windows Mobile, Brew). This means that applications developed from a single source within Celsius can be automatically ported onto the iPhone and the Android maintaining the look and feel of an iPhone or Android experience.


Another major feature is the capability to manage the portability of applications with a security module. Celsius V6 will be able to port mobile apps which connect to a range of security modules such as SIM, Secure Micro-SD cards, embedded secure elements or even external Bluetooth-connected secure elements. Secure elements are needed to protect privacy or value in applications such as healthcare, mobile payment, transport, identity/authentication and NFC applications. Different secure elements can be used based on the type of phone and regional factors. These include the mobile phone operator’s role legally and in the ecosystem.


Finally, Celsius V6 comes with a brand-new rapid application development module to design multi-resolution screen layout with simple drag and drop techniques. This will accelerate one of the most time-consuming aspects of application development and porting.


Mobile Distillery’s Celsius was built using unique ‘Parametric Development’ technology in the early days of the mobile gaming market to be able to ‘write once, run anywhere’. This mature technology has now been adapted to the current range of phones which transform b2c relations and allow applications to be portable even when they address deep hardware functionalities such as Bluetooth, camera and NFC, which cannot be addressed with browser technology.


“Celsius V6 allows corporations to concentrate on their applications rather than on mobile phone complexity and fragmentation, freeing them up to develop their ‘go mobile’ strategy,” says Razmig Sarkissian, chief technical officer of Mobile Distillery.


Celsius V6 is available in beta version for full release in Q2 2010.

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