Celsius is the industry-leading automated porting suite for Java mobile content and services. It allows developers to manage the whole production cycle of mobile applications easily - from concept and development, through porting and testing, to deployment and backfilling - while ensuring their application takes full advantage of the specific capabilities of each device.
Based on an exclusive Parametric Development® architecture and on more than 7 years research into mobile technologies and in-depth knowledge, Celsius allows developers from one Java ME source code to automatically port different optimized versions of their application to more than 1000 Java and Brew devices worldwide. With Celsius, developers can create complex applications harnessing mobile technologies like Bluetooth, rich multimedia, (NFC) Near Field Communications and the mobile web using the integrated code libraries and its comprehensive development tools.
With Celsius, developers experience Hassle Free Mobile Development & Porting Directly from within NetBeans and Eclipse IDEs.
From the outset, Celsius provides a range of tools and services that simplify and optimize every step of the production cycle.   Celsius reduces the time spent porting and backfilling by 80 percent.   Development schedules are cut by up to 30 percent  and Celsius dramatically reduces the amount of binaries generated in the process.
In short, Mobile Distillery provides a unique platform for the production of mobile applications.   Our powerful tools allow developers to maintain total control of all aspects of their work while allowing them to work independently of individual devices . In 2007, more than 300 different mobile applications and games were created using Celsius solutions around the world. Celsius servers have generated over 250,000 compilations in total. 

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Your iPhone App on other phones

  Find out how many phones could run your iPhone App
  We convert your iPhone App onto our X-Platform Dev System
  We provide tested versions for each phone model
  We train you so you can continue your development path
  You manage one source code for all current and future phones (including iPhone)
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advanced device database
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cross-platform mobile app development

  Native Apps on iPhone & Android from a SINGLE SOURCE code
  BlackBerry, Java ME, Windows Mobile, Brew from a SINGLE SOURCE code
  Bluetooth, Snapshot (Camera), NFC, Geolocalization & Secure Elements over different platforms
  Parametric development optimizes functionality for each target phone
  Rapid Application Development module: drag & drop multiple screen resolution creation
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