For many companies, the cost of dealing with the hundreds of devices and thousands of configurations often means that mobile application projects never make it off the drawing board. With Alembic, the advanced device database and powerful web search engine designed by Mobile Distillery, companies can base their development decision on accurate, verified information, saving hundreds of hours of investment with just a few clicks.
With Alembic, it is now possible to identify which makes and models of mobile handsets your application could potentially work on before you write a single line of code, reducing the investment and production risks incurred for the development of mobile applications.
Alembic benefits from Mobile Distillery’s 7 years of in-depth device knowledge and expertise on which its leading-edge solutions and services are based.
Thanks to Alembic, developers, product managers and marketers can now get access to more than 1000 in-depth and fully tested characteristics, performances and behaviors of more than 1000 Java phones worldwide in a few clicks! More than 30 new devices are tested and added to Alembic every month as they come to market.
A reliable database:
fully tested in-depth device parameters
Alembic’s core data is the result of rigorous, industrial testing of more than 1000 individual characteristics, behaviors and performance benchmarks, which are then checked and verified by Mobile Distillery’s dedicated integration teams. For developers, marketing and product managers, the sheer detail and accuracy of Alembic allows them to clearly understand their market potential and base their prototypes on tested data.
Mobile Distillery’s dedicated integration teams benefit from our partnerships with DeviceAnywhere for remote testing and certification and with the PACA Mobile Center infrastructure. PACA is the largest European pooled mobile phone center which was co-founded by Mobile Distillery in 2005.
A user friendly interface:
powerful web search engine
Alembic’s powerful query interface greatly simplifies searches based on multiple handset criteria. Developers simply select the different capabilities and features they plan to include in their applications such as Bluetooth, 3D graphics or GPS; within seconds, Alembic generates a unique list of devices that are capable of supporting that particular subset of features. Users can then export their results in an Excel sheet or directly to Celsius, Mobile Distillery’s automated porting suite, for the generation of the final builds of their Java ME application.
A customized tool:
specific device criteria tested on demand by Mobile Distillery’s Testing Labs
As a powerful add-on service to Alembic, developers can also work directly with Mobile Distillery to integrate their own specific device criteria. These new parameters are then included in Mobile Distillery’s software and rigorous testing processes for future use.
A unique combination to solve the fragmentation issue:
fully integrated within Celsius and DeviceAnywhere
Alembic is directly integrated into Celsius, Mobile Distillery’s automated porting suite. From a single interface, developers can search devices compatible with their application all in one click for compilation. With Alembic, developers also know what devices are supported by DeviceAnywhere’s testing solution. This provides developers real-time interaction with handsets directly from their computer, enhancing the entire production workflow: from prototyping to development through testing and backfilling.
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