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75% of mobile apps have bugs which could be avoided

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Mobile Distillery celebrates 5th anniversary of test centre with a special mobile phone test offer -


7 April 2010 – Based on five years of running a centre for mobile web and mobile app testing, Mobile Distillery ( is highlighting how companies and developers can save time and money – by testing an application on each device before launching it.


It’s inevitable that bugs will crop up when developing a new app for the mobile phone or mobile web. And with the huge proliferation of mobile devices, the increase in smart phones and all the different platforms, this means that these bugs can hinder what could be a great user experience.


As mobile phones are increasingly in touch with the real world through technologies like Bluetooth, GPS, accelerometers and NFC, emulators and remote testing devices are less efficient in covering all real use cases. Many developers do not realise how far emulators can be from the real phone performance – emulators do not emulate bugs.


“Based on our experience with many companies and developers creating and offering mobile apps across a wide range of handsets, unfortunately all too often these apps aren’t tested in advance,” says Jean-Philippe Bechade, CEO of Mobile Distillery. “At best end users report bugs they have experienced, at worse they just live with the bad brand experience. This can not only damage the company’s revenues but also ruin the customer relationship.”


The mobile technology specialist set up a test centre five years ago to help spot bugs and errors in mobile apps and the mobile web to avoid wasting money and time on correcting these. Mobile Distillery’s professional testing service offers access to more than 1300 handsets with experienced testers to design a test plan. Future handsets are added the moment they hit the market.


“We believe that 75% of mobile app and mobile web bugs and errors could be avoided if they were tested before being launched,” continues Jean-Philippe. “To help with this, and celebrate our test centre’s 5th anniversary, we’re offering a special deal – five phones tested for free (for a minimum order of 15 devices). We want to encourage great user experiences and, as with any product, the more testing we can do in advance, the better the customer experience is likely to be.”

For more information on the test centre’s special offer please see here.


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