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20 Questions to Build a Successful Go Mobile Strategy

General Strategy

  1. What will differentiate your mobile offer from a website or a PC/MAC program?
  2. Have you thought out how to equate the huge variation in cell phone capabilities with the need to reach a large population?
  3. What business area/regional market do you target? Which carriers do you want to deploy on?
  4. Which users do you target? Corporations (B2B)? Consumers (B2C)?
  5. Are you targeting the cell phone users in general or a particular narrow segment (e.g. advanced users or high income users?)
  6. Small devices are now being designed as cell phone add-ons allowing minimum hardware cost for the device and using all the possibilities for UI and connectivity of cell phones. How could this change your business? How many existing phones could you target?

Technical Choices

  1. What features that are specific to cell phones will you be using (localization (GPS), contactless technology (NFC), camera, ubiquity, Bluetooth peripheral, compass, accelerometer).
  2. What are your security needs?
  • Secure connectivity with servers
  • Authentication modules/secure elements to store cryptographic keys or off-line account balances
  1. What mobile technology /software platform should you target with your application?
  2. What method do you wish to use to transfer data? (http, https.)
  3. Where will application data be held, on the client / phonesor on a server? have you carefully considered the playoff between usability and cost for the end user?


  1. Are you aware of the relative ease of use between mobile web applications and full featured embedded applications?
  2. How can you hope to achieve maximum ease of use on such a wide range of telephones?
  3. What are your plans to integrate the ease of use brought by NFC to your application?


  1. Do you intend to monetize your application through subscription, advertisement, a freemium model or other means?

Make or Buy

  1. Do you want to be able to develop internally for reactivity / control / confidentiality reasons ou are you willing to subscontract mobile application development?
  2. Will you use a full mobile application framework to reduce cost and project management overhead, even for your subcontractors?

Quality Management

  1. How do you plan to optimize the final test phase of your application across all chosen platforms?


  1. How will you distribute your application (own platform/free websites, carrier deck, off-deck)? What technology will you use to distribute your application? (over the air/through a website)?

Maintenance/End User Satisfaction

  1. How will you adapt your application for the cell phones that will be released after your application (dozens of new cell phones per month)?
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